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3 Witchy Ways to Use Maple Syrup

3 Witchy Ways to Use Maple Syrup

Written by Whitney Nellé for WytchWood


The joys and benefits of maple syrup go far beyond a heaping stack of pancakes. If you are tantalized by Wytchwood’s infused maple syrups, read on for suggestions on how to get the most out of your bottles.

Photo by Imana of Magical Food Department


1.Kitchen Witchin’

The easiest way to indulge in infused maple syrups is in the kitchen. Whether as a sweetener in your morning coffee, an extra kick in your lunchtime smoothie, or as a glaze to enhance your dinner, you can cook up a little magick with any of our syrups.

For a quick breakfast, try drizzling Brigid or Morrigan over yogurt and granola. The tart, fruity notes contrast the creaminess of the yogurt and the crunch of the granola for a morning burst that will inspire you for the rest of the day.

For a mid-day treat, dip apple splices in Hecate, Baba Yaga, or Freya. The sweetness of these indulgent syrups gives you an instant boost to get through the afternoon without reaching for a bag of cookies. The natural carbohydrates and vitamins in maple syrup carry longer-lasting energy.

Dinner is where you can really have some fun! Spread Poseidon or Odin over a veggie burger for a rich, boozy experience. Serve with a side of carrots or parsnips glazed in Loki to add a sweet yet spicy kick. Finish your meal with a scoop of ice cream topped with Aphrodite and bask in the romantic.

What syrup do you use to craft something in the kitchen?

2. Ritual Magick

Did you know maple syrup can be used to anoint your candles when performing candle magick? Just as essential oils have properties corresponding to certain spells, our maple syrups channel particular gods and goddesses, which makes them perfect for a variety of spells.

First, set your intention. Be concise and be precise.

Next, pick your candle. Color and size will depend on the type of magick you’re doing. A votive is perfect for magick performed over one night, while a tall tapered candle works better for more intensive spells. 

Pick your syrup! Brigid for healing, Morrigan for knowledge, Aphrodite for love? Your intention will guide you to which syrup to use.

Anoint your candle. Dress your candle in the maple syrup of your choice. Add herbs and crystals. Carve your intentions into the candle. This prepares it for the magick to come.

Perform your magick. This is all you! Your own rituals will come to you. You might cleanse your space, create an altar, play music – no one can tell you what to do here. Light your candle and speak your intention. Let the candle burn. Connect.

 3. Use as an Offering

Maple syrup is a natural product. We refer to it as “tree blood” and honor it as such. Using maple syrup in our recipes and rituals is a way for us to connect to the Earth’s energy. With this in mind, one powerful way to use Wytchwood’s maple syrups is as an offering to Earth herself. 

A few drops in a bonfire while uttering a thankful incantation shows gratitude for the Earth and everything she has given you. Leaving a small dish of syrup out for the birds in winter or rolling it into a homemade suet ball gives back to the beautiful nature we live in. Even passing along a bottle to a friend is an offering of love and kindness.

What other witchy ways do you use our maple syrup?

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