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Baba Yaga: Gingerbread & Marshmallow Infused Maple Syrup™

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Gingerbread & Marshmallow Infused Maple Syrup

We introduce to you our Gingerbread & Marshmallow flavor as the scary old wicked witch of the woods - Baba Yaga!

As ambiguous as she is creepy, Baba Yaga is an anomaly – both a maternal, mother-nature figure and an evil villain who enjoys eating those who fail to complete her tasks. Baba means something akin to “old woman” or “grandmother”, while Yaga has conflicting theories of meaning ranging from “snake” to “wicked.”  

The most common portrayal of Baba Yaga is as an old woman, who's depicted as skinny, with iron teeth, and has a nose so long that it touches the ceiling when she sleeps.

Baba Yaga is commonly illustrated as riding around on a mortar rather than a broom, wielding a pestle as both a flying aid and a wand.  Tales involving her usually take place at her chicken-legged hut, deep in the woods. Legend says her hut is surrounded by a fence made of human bones. 

And because we have trademarked* this Gingerbread and Marshmallow infusion, we are the only makers of it in the world!

This syrup is great on or with:

Baked goods, pancakes, waffles, granola, in coffee & tea, on desserts, ice cream, yogurt & cocktails.


WytchWood syrup starts with the sap from maple trees grown in central Vermont. The sap is then boiled in the Spring and infused to create a delicious Gingerbread & Marshmallow Maple Syrup. Each bottle is hand wax-sealed, blessed and unlike anything you have ever experienced. Each and every bottle is represented by a God, Goddess, Pagan Sabbath or Folklore Icon. They are designed as libations but can be used for anything Kitchen Witch related as well.

*Gingerbread & Marshmallow or any such combination involving these flavors for Maple Syrup Infusion is a trademark of Benjamin M. Wood of WytchWood® LLC. ©2023 WytchWood® LLC All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Lauren Robinshaw
Baba yaga syrup

It tastes so incredible I put it in everything! My coffee has never tasted better!

So Good

This is another great tasting syrup. A mist have!

David Coleman

The best syrup!!!!!!!! The gingerbread and marshmallow is so good. I add it to my donut glaze and I’m going to try it in my molasses cookies ❤️

Elizabeth B.
Spiced, delicious magic

This stuff is UNREAL. It is SO delicious! It's sweet, spiced, and reminds me of Christmas cakes and cookies. I've used it on plain, buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream and it is outstanding. By far one of my all time favorite maple syrups. I will continue to get this again and again!

Alexa Ayer
No words

This flavor is so good it’s unbelievable almost! SO yummy! 👌

Joslyn Hersey-Gorman
Baba Yaga

This stuff is amazing! I held off buying it because I was afraid it would be to sweet(yes that’s a real thing) but it’s not it’s just plain yummy. I use it my oatmeal all the time as well as other things periodically. It’s now a staple pantry item.

Lilla DeLuca
This stuff is amazing

Delicious, delicate, well balanced flavors

Megan A
It tastes like Christmas lol

Which is super good! I just would prefer Christmas in the colder weather and not this super heat😅 I'm going to buy a different flavor soon to try! But this one is really good too!

Sarah s.
Gingerbread taste is so so good!!

I love this flavor and can not wait to make something to pour this syrup on!! The only thing I could possibly ask for is a tiny bit more of a marshmallow flavor but other than that this stuff is delicious!

Dawn Lange
Surprisingly delicious

I don't even like marshmallows and this is just outrageously delicious.