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About Us


In the depths of our souls, where the sacred meets the mystical, WytchWood emerges as a haven for spiritual seekers and free spirits alike. We are not just a business; we are a collective of souls on a profound journey of self-discovery, connection, and enchantment.

WytchWood was founded in March 2020, as two pagan souls—guided by their deep love for nature's untamed beauty, came together to create something truly magical and original. Our journey began with a vision to bring a product to market that represented the pure essence of nature in New England. We aimed to craft offerings that spoke to the deepest parts of our souls, embracing the wisdom of ancient traditions and the whispers of the natural world.

While our path was not without its challenges, one founder gracefully stepped down, bestowing their trust and their part of the journey upon our current owner, Ben Wood. Ben is not just a business owner; he is a spiritual wanderer, a seeker of truth, and a devotee of the old gods. His heart resonates with the practices of Witchcraft, Wicca, Norse and Anglo-Saxon traditions, and Eastern philosophy. He weaves these sacred threads into his daily rituals, finding wisdom and inspiration in their ancient tapestry.

A Gemini Sun, born June, 1980, Ben's spiritual journey began south of the River Thames, in Greenwich, London, England. Raised by loving adoptive parents next to a large woodland area, he grew up with a soul thirsty for nature's embrace. Exploring the enchanting "Oxleas & Jack Woods" upon "Shooter's Hill" near his home, he discovered the magick that resided within the whispering trees and would often play around Severndroog Castle or visit Eltham Palace where King Henry VIII once resided. His love for history, philosophy, tradition, fantasy, and magick blossomed, shaping the essence of his being.

Ben's path led him to embrace paganism at the age of 20 when he joined a UK-based LARP group and dabbled in re-enactment. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, he found inspiration in the ways of the Celtic tradition before stumbling upon the rich realms of Norse and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry some 13 years later in 2013. He then decided to start exploring Seidr & Galdr Magic three years later. This journey of spiritual exploration, rooted in nature's embrace and ancient wisdom, continues to shape his life and the vision of WytchWood. Ben has now been a Pagan for 23 years and shifted his life across the Atlantic to Vermont and spends his own time partly caring for his 2 year old daughter, exploring the Green Mountain State's many outdoor treasures, reading books, practicing yoga & mindfulness, exploring the spirit, hitting the gym and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Ben's very being in the United States is due to the love he has for his daughter, WytchWood is the conduit for which Ben is allowed to reside here. His visa is intrinsically linked to WytchWood. WytchWood allows his young daughter to have a present father in her life, so thank you for your continued support of a small Wytch owned business. Without WytchWood, he would have to return to Britain and that would be awful for his young daughter and heartbreaking for Ben. 

At WytchWood, our mission transcends the boundaries of commerce; it is a calling to serve the community and make a positive impact. We believe in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, recognizing that true well-being arises from nurturing all aspects of ourselves. We aspire to create a world where every child experiences a magickal and golden childhood, free from harm and filled with love. Thus, we have committed ourselves to philanthropy, supporting charities that aid children in need. At checkout you too can donate to Alex's Lemonade Stand, which is a charity for children fighting cancer. It is our belief that by using our platform and financial stability, we can help create a brighter future for the young ones who deserve our love and care. This care also starts from the womb as WytchWood employees can benefit from extremely good Maternity and Paternity leave as per the policy at the bottom of our home page.

We also care considerably and deeply about the natural world around us and are always trying to update our practices to better serve our planet and its environment for all creatures great and small.

So, dear kindred spirits, join us in this mystical journey as we honor ancient traditions, awaken our inner magick, and embrace the wonders of the natural world. Let WytchWood be your guide, your sanctuary of spiritual exploration, and your beacon of light in a world seeking deeper meaning and connection.

May your path be illuminated by the infinite possibilities that lie within, and may you find solace and inspiration within the embrace of our enchanted community.

Remember; kindness, love and positivity are the key to happiness.

Blessed be,