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Born and raised in London, England and now living in Vermont; Founder & Owner Ben has always been drawn to his Norse & Celtic roots (being of Norwegian and Scottish decent). A Norse Heathen and self-titled Vitki, he is a practitioner of Seiðr (Shamanic Trance Work walking the Spirit Worlds, communicating with Ancestors and altering Fate), Galdr (Chanting, Invocation, Spells, Rites & Rituals) and casting the Runes (Divination). 

Ben is also a chartered member of 'The Asatru Community' and 'The Troth', and is in agreement with, and an oath taker of the Heathen Declaration 127 and the Declaration of Deeds, the complete denunciation of the Asatru Folk Assembly (A White Supremist Group) and all Folkish Racist Groups thereafter.

"hvars þú böl kannt kveðu þat bölvi at ok gefat þínum fjándum frið"

"When you see misdeeds, speak against them, and give your enemies no peace"  

-Hávamál : Stanza127



Co-Founder and Owner of WytchWood, Christina has always looked at the world differently, believing there is a bit of magick in everything.  As a child she grew up in the forest of Vermont befriending all of the woodland creatures and casting spells with her stick wand. This was the backdrop to a world of imagination, wonder & witchcraft. Fast forward to 2019, WytchWood came as result of her conjuring up some kitchen witch magick by blending Maple Syrup tapped from the trees on her families property then infusing them with botanical extracts. She launched them shortly after in small handmade batches and sold out immediately inspiring an entirely new business that you all enjoy today! 
Blessed Be! and Skål!