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Brigid: British Rhubarb & Ginger Infused Maple Syrup

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We took to Brigid's Celtic roots and infused the essence of British rhubarb, adding a tart crisp edge with a firey ginger extract that warms the palate for a full-bodied finish. This is a flavor you won't want to miss and will go with many things in your cooking cauldron!

Brigid is the Celtic goddess of healing, poetry, fertility, music, prophecy, agriculture, and smithcraft. As a solar deity, her attributes are light, inspiration, and all skills associated with fire. Her ancient Gaelic name, Breo-Saighead, means fiery power or fiery arrow. She is found with sheep and cows around her, assisting them through lambing and calving season as well as reflecting the Celtic reliance on the animal for sustenance; especially during the cold winter months. She is celebrated on the pagan holiday in early February, Imbolc.

This syrup is great on or with:

Baked goods, pancakes, tea, waffles, granola, desserts, ice cream, yogurt & cocktails especially ones with gin!

WytchWood syrup starts with the sap from maple trees grown in central Vermont. The sap is then boiled in the Spring and infused to create a delicious rose from Europe and exotic cardamom. Each bottle is hand wax-sealed, blessed and unlike anything you have ever experienced. Each and every bottle is represented by a God, Goddess, Pagan Sabbath or Folklore Icon. They are designed as libations but can be used for anything Kitchen Witch related as well.


The price of this syrup is slightly higher due to the nature of ingredients used and sourcing them from Europe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I love rhubarb so I was so excited to try this one. This one tastes so fresh and tart. It’s delish on pancakes, and even in coffee. I will continue to buy this one!

Katya Lubaszewski
Love it!!

I love Brigid: British Rhubarb & Ginger. The day I got the package I had a cold and put a little bit in my tea. Cheered me right up and made me feel so much better!

Alexa Ayer
Sweet with a little spice!

The ginger is PERFECT in this! I love mixing it into teas and glazes for fruity muffins 💖

Kelly Bresnan
Absolutely magical!

I really loved this syrup, especially with my favorite Vanilla Cardamom French Toast! The rhubarb and ginger flavors were soft and complimentary, and lended the perfect blend of tart and zest to this syrup.

Adrienne Mincz
Love…love ….!

From the packaging to the flavor….it was just marvelous to receive. The syrup is delicious. Just the right blend of ingredients for a very unique flavor! Thank you!!! Adrienne

Lauren C.
Bliss in a bottle!

I am a huge fan of both rhubarb and ginger so I was already very excited to try this maple syrup. I decided to pour some over my oat milk ice cream and it did not disappoint! Absolutely blissful! I am thinking about using it in a homemade salad dressing to top some arugula that I grow in my yard! Spicy and sweet deliciousness!

Diane Ricci

What a delightful surprise this rhubarb and ginger blend is !!


Such a good flavor! There's a perfect balance between the rhubarb and ginger. You get that yummy ginger flavor, but it's not overwhelming like some ginger-infused things are. Absolutely delicious on waffles, but I think it would be great incorporated into a cocktail too!

Chris G
🌱Imbolc in a bottle 🌱

Scrumptious spring flavor❣️ I yearn for the strawberries to blossom and grow into plump and juicy gems, oh the delightful inspiration this combination conjures🧚🏽‍♀️

Fit for a goddess

I wanted to save this review until I had found a proper recipe for vegan rhubarb custard pie and was able to make it with the syrup, but I use it so much that I didn’t want to wait. It’s definitely a more subtle flavor combo: it’s slightly tart, slightly sharp, with a slightly green quality. I drink it with gin and mint flavored seltzer and elderflower liquor. I even added it to a pot of vegan pasta e fagioli and it really added to the depth of flavor. It’s so delightful, and I will definitely purchase again. Also, I wanted to feature it with my kitchen altar (where are my kitchen witches at?) since Brigid is my preferred home goddess, and this was a worthy sacrifice to her.