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Lucifer Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry Infused Maple Syrup™


Introducing Our Signature Creation: Lucifer Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry Maple Syrup

A sinfully delightful elixir fit for the Dark Lord himself!

Welcome to the darkest corner of our syrup collection, where we've summoned Lucifer himself to craft a syrup that will tempt your taste buds and ignite your senses. Lucifer, the embodiment of rebellion and free will, lends his name to this remarkable infusion.

A Symphony of Gluttonous Flavors

Our Lucifer Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry Maple Syrup is a symphony of sinfully rich dark chocolate and the seductive allure of black cherries. It's a flavor combination that dances on the edge of indulgence, tantalizing your palate with every drop.

What is it you truly desire!

Imagine drizzling this wickedly decadent concoction over your morning pancakes or waffles, letting the dark chocolate meld with the sweet essence of black cherries. Picture it as the secret ingredient in your favorite desserts, cocktails, or even a daring addition to your coffee or tea. With each pour, you're summoning a taste experience that's devilishly delightful. You may even like to pour it over your lover to make your lustful desires come true!

Exclusively WytchWood

As pioneers of unique flavor infusions, we've trademarked* this exquisite blend to ensure it remains a one-of-a-kind delight for you. When you choose Lucifer Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry Maple Syrup, you're choosing an exclusive taste adventure that can't be replicated anywhere else in Vermont.

Unleash the Darkness

Are you ready to embrace the dark side of flavor? Join us on a journey to uncover the secrets of Lucifer's syrup. It's not just a condiment; it's a powerful enchantment that will transform your culinary creations.

8.45oz / 250ml

WytchWood syrup begins with the pure sap of maple trees grown in the heart of Vermont. This sap is transformed through a meticulous infusion process, creating a syrup that's more than just a topping—it's a magickal elixir. Each bottle is sealed with our signature wax, carrying a blessing and the essence of our craft.

*Lucifer Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry or any such combination involving these flavors for Maple Syrup Infusion is a trademark of WytchWood® LLC. ©2023 WytchWood® LLC All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
A Taste of Heaven

When I saw an ad Lucifer Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry Infused Maple Syrup™, I was sold at dark chocolate and black cherry... this is delicious! I have already ordered a second bottle. I love it on ice cream or waffles, it is such a treat! Thank you!

Larry Decker
pure magick

Love your product, love your graphics and and love your marketing.


This syrup is so good I love it

Paul Camp


Steven James
Perfect Decadence

This syrup is so good. A perfect blend of all 3 flavors with the maple rounding out at the end.

James Dyvad
I’m simply in love with your syrups!

I thought I’d be able to pick a favorite flavor from your syrups but each one is so delicious, I love them all. Good job.

John Foery

We were never able to try this on pancakes, waffles, etc, because as soon as you open the bottle, the syrup disappears! Seriously, we mostly polished it off on ice cream. I also put a spoonful in some hot chocolate and that was delicious. As many have said, it is hard not to drink it right from the bottle! Good stuff, thanks! Also, this was an easy transaction with fast shipping, good packaging, etc. Will not hesitate to order again.

catherine pugh
This syrup ……..

Holy moley !! This arrived today and yes i had to taste it! Two of my favorite flavors in one place this was amazing it actually will be taking the place of my chocolate covered cherries!! Please dont stop making this!!!😊💕


I made a maple cake using this syrup and the melding of the chocolate and cherries added a decadent component to the cake. Will definitely get more

Deborah K
Unbelievably delicious!!

We had this on our waffles. Wanted to drink it from the bottle, it was that good!!