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WytchWood Apothecary Magickal Maple Candies


Summon the enchantment of the forest with WytchWood's Magickal Maple Candies. Crafted from the essence of pure maple syrup, these bewitching treats are shaped like mystical maple leaves, each one a token of nature's alchemy. Imbued with the ancient sweetness of the woodland realm, they offer a long-lasting delight that whispers secrets of the earth on your tongue.

Encased in individual wrappings to preserve their arcane freshness, these candies are your pocket-sized companions for moments of whimsy and craving. Whether tucked away in your handbag as a clandestine charm or shared in a bowl as an offering to guests, they are sure to bewitch the senses.

Let each candy melt away to unveil its magick, perfect as a solitary indulgence or as a sugary spell in your favorite tea. With around 18 pieces in every quarter-pound "Apothecary Jar" bag, these candies are not just treats but talismans of pleasure, making them the ultimate gift for the holidays, or a personal reward for the discerning Wytch.

Join us in the confluence of sweetness and sorcery, where every candy is a gateway to a moment of pure, enchanted delight.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Stacy Hagan

    I love the maple candy and tote bag. I’m already using it already.

    Glenda Cates
    Maple Candies

    Yummy, didn’t last long 🙂

    Larry Brock
    Fantastic hard candy

    I bought these just on a whim.
    Very good candy. The only issue I had was that there were too few in the package.

    Amy Alday
    Magically yummy!

    A little bit of magic is what you taste! I’m ordering another bag!! I love how they’re individually wrapped. I just toss a few in my purse and I’m getting the broom ready for a night out on the town

    Elizabeth Pascuzzi

    I love these maple candies. Just perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth without being to much. I will keep these in my pantry!!!


    I like to drop one into hot coffee. Not overly maple or too sweet. It does add a lovely maple note to my morning cup of coffee. I'm looking forward to trying it in hot tea.


    These are the absolute best maple hard candies I've ever tried, and I would 100% get them again and recommend them to anyone that likes maple syrup.

    Victoria Jackson
    Great maple candies

    Maple is one of my favorite things, these candies did not disappoint! I'll be buying them again, when I run out, If they're in stock!

    Jeannine R Johnson
    So surprised!

    Received 2 candies with my order. I decided to try one and I haven't had such a smooth tasty candy in forever! Can't wait for these to be back in stock! I'll try my next one in a tea cup!!

    Raven Shadowz
    Awesome hard candy

    This maple candy is very magickal. one a day calms the sweet cravings for me.