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Samhain: Pumpkin Spice Infused Maple Syrup


WytchWood syrup starts with the sap from maple trees grown in Central Vermont. The sap is then boiled in the spring and infused with organic pumpkin spices and finished with a cinnamon stick. A cozy and warming syrup. Each bottle is hand wax-sealed, has a gold foil label which is beautifully illustrated by the talented artist Kristopher Martin of Arcane Path. It is then ritually blessed and the taste is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Each and every bottle is represented by a God, Goddess, Pagan celebration or folklore icon.

This syrup is great for:

Making your favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte, when generously drizzled over pancakes, granola, fresh fruit or yogurt, in tea lattes & cocktails, and also when poured over desserts, ice cream.

8.45oz | 250ml 

The story for Samhain (pronounced Saa-wen):

Samhain starts on October 31st and is one of four main Gaelic festivals. Celtic belief says that on the night of All Hallows' Eve, the veil between ours and the spirit world is at its thinnest. The Dullahan, a dark Fae known as the Headless Horseman, crosses over and rides to the place where a person is due to die. When the horseman calls their name, they’ll immediately perish. He foretells death, but he has one weakness – gold. So use our bottle of liquid gold to ward him off!

Samhain is the ancient Irish festival that became Halloween as we know it and its because of these Irish roots that we have plenty of Halloween-worthy Irish legends and myths.

The Celts believed the year was divided into two parts, the lighter half in the summer and the darker half in the winter. Samhain, or Halloween as it is now called, was the division between these halves. The Celts believed that the veil between our world and the otherworld was thinnest at this time. Oíche Shamhna (October 31) is Halloween and Lá na Marbh (November 1) is the Day of the Dead, or All Saints Day when those who have passed away are remembered. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Ashley Lemerand
Amazing syrup!

These syrups are a hit in my Apothecary. Shipping was fast, customer service was excellent, and the product is simply stunning. Wonderful packaging! Thanks again.

Chelsea Crawford
Fall Staple

Perfect blend of spice, flavor, and sweetness! I always get a couple of bottles to use in my coffee once autumn arrives.

Taraya Galloway
Perfect fall flavors (or all year round!)

Delicious in drinks, coffee, and on French toast so far. Feels like an offering to the earth and a magical treat for myself every time I use it. Love the bottle and design, too.

Best Infused syrup ever!

This is by far the best infused maple syrup I have ever tried! The pumpkin pie spice balances perfectly with the sweetness of the maple syrup. The flavor is simply amazing!! I could eat this year round and tastes wonderful in baked goods or in coffee. This is a must buy for fall!

Amber Doak
The best flavors of Fall in a bottle!

This syrup is my favorite, not only from Wytchwood, but from ANYWHERE. It is excellent on French toast, to sweeten your favorite tea, and I love to make a maple old-fashioned with a good quality whiskey, a twist of citrus and a splash “Samhain syrup”. It’s decadent without being overly sweet. I buy it EVERY Time it’s available!

Leisa Masters

Love it and love the illustration!

A Total Favorite of Mine!!

I LOVE this syrup! I've used it in MANY recipes, but my favorite is a drizzle over roasted Brussel sprouts! The taste of sweet gives them a wonderful flavor and the pumpkin spices give it a nice surprise kick! SO TASTY!!! I LOVE the bottle art as well and have it on display for the entire Autumn season!! The bonus is the cinnamon stick inside...keeps it nice and spicy! YUM!!

Amber Doak
My all time favorite syrup!

This syrup is beyond exceptional! I’ve used it to make craft cocktails, in teas, on cornbread and of course French toast! It’s unbelievable the plethora of things you can enjoy it with! I wish I had bought an extra bottle! (Try it as a sweetener for your Apple Alchemy tea)! YUM!!


My favorite maple syrup! Nice and spicy. I put a little on my sweet potatoes, in my tea, on ice cream. Yummmm

Emily F
So Good!!!

This tastes exactly how you would expect! Perfectly spiced, yummy, delicious maple syrup! I personally taste the cinnamon more than the other spices, but the spices are not over-powering, it's balanced to perfection. I love it so much I bought another bottle!