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Blodeuwedd: Violet Infused Maple Syrup


Violet Infused Maple Syrup

WytchWood syrup starts with the sap from maple trees grown in central Vermont. It is then boiled and infused with organic violets and slightly tinted with the natural colors of purple wildflowers. A beautiful floral syrup for the summer months. Hand wax-sealed and blessed, this is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Each and every bottle is represented by a God, Goddess, Pagan celebration or folklore icon.


Blodeuwedd (pr. "Blod-EYE-weth") is the Welsh Goddess of Spring created from flowers and the Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise. She is one of the main figures in the Mabinogion, the Welsh cycle of stories of the early Celtic Goddesses and Gods. The story was that Lleu needed a wife, and Blodeuwedd was created for him out of flowers by a wizard called Gwydion. After a period of contentment Blodeuwedd fell in love with another man. They plotted to kill Lleu. Gwydion punished her by turning her into an owl, condemned to the night without human company or the company of birds. She is the white Goddess of Death and Life in Her May-aspect, and part of a triad consisting of Arianrhod (virgin), Blodeuwedd (lover), and Cerridwen (crone). She represents temporary beauty and the bright blooming that must come full circle through death. She is the promise of autumn visible in spring. ‘Blodau’ means flowers in Welsh.


This syrup is great on or with:

Summer drinks, dressing, pancakes, granola, fresh fruit, tea, desserts, ice cream, yogurt, cocktails.


Kitchen Witch Recommendations:

Blodeuwedd's Garden Lemonade: Use 7 ounces/200ml Fresh Lemon Juice and 2 Tablespoons of Blodeuwedd syrup and mix. Pour over ice cubes or throw in a blender to make a slushie. Accent with violets.

Blooming Bubbles: Add 1oz of Blodeuwedd syrup to glass of Champagne for a summery.