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Air Freshener: Emily's Bridge

Our Cottage Witch Collection Air Fresheners are bound to transport you to another realm with our yummy custom blended fragrances.

Scent Story: In the quaint town of Stowe, Vermont a small wooden covered bridge resides over the babbling Gold Brook. Sightings of her apparition have been documented for decades. Dried leaves of orange, red, yellow, and brown are scattered on the old dirtroad entering her lair. A maple latte dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon warms the body from the spine-chilling cold spots. Haunting Whispers from the past of an unsolved mystery echo along its weathered rafters.

Top: Grated Ginger, Nutmeg, Orange Zest
Heart: Maple Syrup, Cinnamon Leaf
Base: Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Buttermilk

  • Contains Essential Oils of Ginger from China, Davana from Indes, Cassia bark from China, Nutmeg from India, Orange Peel from the USA, + Ginger extract from China
  • Our formula is: Vegan, Toxin-Free, Mutagen-Free, Carcinogen-Free, All Natural, Cruelty-Free & Phthalate-Free
  • 10 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Obsessed with this room spray. So original and effective. I am equally impressed with this company’s fast delivery on all my orders.

Brittaney Robison
Perfect scent

I love this scent! It's like I've been sucked into the cottage of my dreams, where the heath is always cozy and the herbs grow wild in the yard. The cat is chasing the dogs.

Jennifer Pritchard

I can’t get over this scent! I want this in a 50gal drum so I never run out anytime soon! My house will be smelling like this every single day for the rest of my life. Please NEVER get rid of this scent! I also spray it over my laundry, but just lightly since I’m unsure if it’ll cause stain marks where the spray lands on the fabric. so if you could make this in a body spray too, much appreciated!

Dianah King
Emily’s Bridge is fantastic

Emily’s Bridge room spray is absolutely amazing. It smells so good and last so much longer than anything I have ever tried. Thank you


Have 3 scents. This is my very favorite but love them all

Sarah s.
My favorite so far!

I'm obsessed with the sprays from Wytchwood and Emily's Bridge is by far my favorite!
We have well water so sometimes our laundry room will smell a little funky if the washing machine isn't used daily. This spray makes it smell like caramel candy, pumpkin pie, and Maple Syrup! It actually gets rid of the odors in the room and doesn't make it smell like it's masking it temporarily. Also, the scent stays in the room for AT LEAST a day if not 2 so I don't have to spray it all the time. If you have to choose just one room spray and you like a sweet smelling scent this is the one to grab!

Alexa Ayer

Sweet, spicy, mapley, and magical! This line of fragrance is the only one that doesn’t leave me with a headache because it’s made without toxic ingredients. Absolutely amazing!

Susan Wager
Fall in a bottle

Absolutely wonderful air freshener that smells like caramel, apples, and fall! This stuff really lasts too! One good spray and the scent lasts for days. So much better than anything you buy off the shelves and the biggest bonus, it’s non toxic and all natural so it’s safe! Can’t wait to try other scents!