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8oz Luxury Coconut Soy 'Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow' Candle


Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow Candle - 8oz Luxury Coconut Soy Blend


Behold the enigmatic aura of Slavic folklore with our Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow Candle. This 8oz coconut soy candle is a tribute to the legendary Witch Baba Yaga, a figure shrouded in the darkness and mysticism of ancient tales. Dwelling in a forest hut perched on chicken legs, Baba Yaga is a symbol of the mysterious and untamed aspects of magic.

This candle unfolds an olfactory narrative as complex as Baba Yaga herself. It starts with the deceptive allure of cinnamon leaf and sweet orange, leading into a heart of dark ginger and clove bud, echoing the Witch’s cryptic essence. The core melds the dark sweetness of marshmallow with the haunting whisper of juniper and clove, crafting a fragrance that resonates with the depths of forbidden forests.

Key Notes:

  • Top: Cinnamon Leaf, Sweet Orange – an enticing prelude.
  • Heart: Ginger, Clove Bud, Marshmallow – a labyrinth of dark and light.
  • Base: Eucalyptus, Juniper, Clove – a lingering echo of the Witch’s domain.

Enhancing the sensory experience, the candle features a crackling wooden wick that mimics the sounds of Baba Yaga's fireplace, adding an element of auditory enchantment. The flame dances to the rhythm of ancient tales, casting shadows that play on the walls of your room, reminiscent of the flickering fire in Baba Yaga's enigmatic hut.

The candle is housed in a matte black glass vessel, exuding an aura of dark elegance. The mirror-finish gold lid captures and reflects light, creating a contrast that is as striking as it is luxurious. This combination of matte and reflective elements makes the candle a captivating piece of decor even when unlit.

Invoke the Witch: Light this candle to summon the spirit of the forest Witch. Ideal for nights of introspection and exploration into the darker side of folklore and mysticism, it serves as a portal to the world of ancient magick.

A Gift of the Dark Woods: Presented in its sophisticated vessel, the Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow Candle is a thoughtful gift for those enthralled by the darker aspects of lore and legend, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond scent.

Usage Tips:

  • Trim the wick to ¼ inch before lighting for an optimal burn.
  • Burn until the wax pools to the jar's edge to prevent tunneling.
  • Limit burning to 4 hours at a time for safety and longevity.

Dive deep into the heart of a dark fairy tale with the Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow Candle. Let it guide you through a mystical journey, where the crackle of the wick is a whisper from the depths of the ancient woods, and each note of fragrance is a spell woven in the darkness.

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This smells phenomenal! The art on the candle is so fun too.