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Animal Spirit Totem Enamel Pin - Wolf

Our third animal rune spirit pin of the WytchWood Fylgja Collection concentrates on the Wolf. Not many animals on Earth evoke such strong emotions as the Wolf. Wolves are shrouded in misty fear, often admired, or they invoke awe and loathing. In the times of the hunter-gatherers, wolves were often afforded respect for their incredible senses and hunting prowess; especially how it hunted in groups. However, when mankind settled into agrarian and pastoral societies, the threat to livestock that wolves often presented, conflicted with human interests.

For the Vikings, the wolf represented an intelligent competitor in the hunt for food, and the Norse knew to fear them. That translated into Norse culture very well. With the wolves Skoll and Hati chasing the Sun (Sol) and the Moon (Mani) across the sky every day. The Wolf Fenrir, son of Loki would bring about Ragnorok, the end of the world and the end of the Gods. Odin had two Wolf companions, Geri & Freki.

This brings us to the Wolf Fylgja, those who carry the wolf spirit alongside them. Warriors who went into wild trances during battle, wearing wolf skins and being the fiercest of warriors were know as the Ulfhednar. They shape shifted into their Wolf Fylgja similarly to their Berserker counterparts and fought with ferocity to bring down their prey/enemies. They were the Lupine where the Berserker was the Ursine. The word Ulfhedinn (Ulfhednarr plural) was almost lost to history, but the word Werewolf we all know very well, and now you know where the myth developed from.

If a Wolf Fylgja has appeared to you in a dream or waking trance then you are that in  character and it can never change. This doesn't mean that you are savage but you have the capacity to be when focused on goals. You prefer a close company of friends, your pack, and you have a keen and potentially dangerous intellect. This should not make you out to be evil, but someone to be feared if crossed, for you will not be cornered nor hold back on the hunt.

Invoke your Wolf Fylgja!

Each animal in this series will feature a unique bind rune drawn by our co-owner Ben, that harnesses the key characteristics of the animal’s energy. A bind rune is a combination runes that are placed together to increase magickal powers to obtain a wished effect.

Purpose of Featured Runes:
Othala: Wolf, The God Odin, Inheritance, Strength with Ties, Unity
Wunjo: The Herd, the Pack, The Goddess Frigg, Joy, Pleasure and Friendship, Community, Harmony amongst Kin.
Ansuz: Divine Force, The God Odin, Dreams, Teaching, Conscious Thought, Sacrifice for Knowledge and Wisdom, Learning, Open Mind.

May you wear this Fylgja bind-rune to give you the stronger relationship ties you need with your pack, the strength to protect the ones you love, to have harmony within your circle, to intigrate with others easily, to add value in your tribe, to learn as well as teach, to pass on knowledge and to sacrifice in order to gain wisdom and in turn pass that wisdom on. Be a giant among Humans.



  • Green/ Multi-Color in Stock/ Black-Shipping July
  • 2.25" 
  • Hard Enamel
  • 2 Rubber backings
  • Color Variants:
  1. White Wolf: Multi-Color with Glitter w/ Rose Gold Metal
  2. Green Wolf: Green with Gold Metal
  3. Black Wolf: Black + Glitter with Silver Metal


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Stunning pin. Beautiful piece of art I ware on my lapel to keep me safe and a great reminder of guidance. My husband has the bear one and he loves it. Both a great quality and have 2 pin backs to help keep stable.

Paula Scofield

I finally got a totem pin that isn't the size of a quarter and falls apart. This is great quality its good size. I was able to put it on my hat which is just what it needed. Would be great on a cloak too.

Melissa Parkinson

I love this pin. It's beautiful, high quality and larger than expected. It came wonderfully packaged and quick. Will be ordering more.

Rune Havisham

The wolf pin is the largest pin I’ve ever had. It is beautiful, very well-made and I highly recommend all of the products from WitchWood⭐️

Beautiful pins!

I ordered the black and white Wolf pins. They are both absolutely beautiful! They are a great size, bigger than I expected. They both have a slight glittery finish on the wolves. They look amazing on my bags and I have gotten so many compliments on them. I love these pins!

Shawna Lou
Wolf Pin

I ordered every animal pin option. Knowing they would be well wanted in my circle of friends and not only was I surprised at how large this pins are; I loved the detail glitter option and color the enamel has, also each one that is in a white comes off as a type of spirit animal to me and I am most pleased.

Emily Hendricks
Beautiful and Powerful

I love this pin, it’s become the new statement pin on my vest and commands such attention. It’s beautiful, well made, and empowering whenever I slip my vest on.

Beautiful Pin

I ordered the black variant of this pin and it is so pretty. It is subtle, but the glitter gives it a bit of flair. It is also relatively light for its size and great quality.