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Hekate 16oz Handmade Stoneware Coffee Mug

A Chalice of Power:

Invoke the wisdom of the ancients with every sip from the Hekate 16oz Black Satin with Red Glaze Handmade Stoneware Mug. This exquisite vessel is more than a mug; it's a modern-day chalice crafted for those who draw inspiration from the goddess of Witchcraft, magick, and the night.

Hand-thrown by skilled potters, this stoneware mug is glazed in a deep black satin, symbolizing the protective cloak of Hekate, with a bold red glaze inside and edging the rim, reminiscent of the fiery torches that light the paths she guards. The 16oz capacity is perfect for holding your favored brews, be they morning coffee to begin the day or herbal concoctions by moonlight.


  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each mug is thrown and glazed by hand, ensuring a unique piece with artisanal quality.
  • Mystic Aesthetics: The black satin exterior and vibrant red interior evoke the dual aspects of Hekate: her mastery over the shadow realms and her guiding light.
  • Generous Size: At 16 ounces, this mug is designed to hold ample amounts of your preferred beverages, serving as the perfect companion for long nights of study, ritual, or reflection.
  • Durable Stoneware: Made to last, this mug withstands the test of time, much like the enduring legacy of Hekate herself.

A Connection to the Divine: The Hekate Stoneware Mug invites you to channel the goddess's attributes with every use—her wisdom, her strength, and her sovereignty over the crossroads of destiny. It's a daily reminder to embrace the crossroads in your own life, standing firm in your power as you make the choices that shape your path.

Embrace the Magick: Whether used in solitary contemplation or in social rites with your coven, the Hekate Mug is a sacred vessel that deepens your connection to the divine feminine and the ancient traditions that celebrate her. Add this magickal mug to your collection and honor the goddess with each warming draft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leah Van Blarcom
Love my Coffee mug

Ordered the Hekate coffee mug. It’s wonderfully made and I enjoy my morning coffee in it daily.

Leslie Twitchell
Great quality

I lived this mug from the first time I seen it. It did not disappoint. I can't wait to try the syrup


Love it

Jenn O
Awesome mug!!

Love this mug! I like that it is 16 oz. Really enjoying using it!