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"The Green Wytch Bundle Gift Set": Ritual Body Oil, Soaking Salts & Whipped Coconut Milk Sugar Scrub

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Welcome to "The Green Wytch Bundle Gift Set" - Where Nature's Magick Unites

Embrace the enchantment of our Forest Wytch collection with three luxurious products that will transport you to a mystical realm of grounding forest experiences and soothing relaxation.

🍃 Forest Wytch 8oz Whipped Coconut Milk Organic Sugar Scrub 🍃 Unleash the power of a forest witch's secrets with this whipped coconut sugar scrub. Gently exfoliate and nourish your skin, as the scent of California Redwoods envelops your senses. Experience the ultimate grounding journey with sustainably harvested pine, fir, redwood, and other tree essential oils. This vegan, natural formula will leave you with a perfect polish, free from any oily residue.

🌿 Forest Wytch Ritual Bath & Body Oil 🌿 Elevate your rituals and anointing with our best-selling body scrub turned ritual bath and body oil. Nut-free and organic, this blend of grapeseed and sunflower oils provides divine moisture for any forest wytch. Embrace the earthy, leafy, and woody aroma of cypress, cedarwood, and sage pure essential oils, while clear quartz crystals enhance the magical green shimmer of this mystical oil.

🌹 Wytch of the Wood 16 oz Botanically Infused Soaking Salts - Cedar & Sage. Indulge in a ritual bath sanctuary with our botanical-infused soaking salts. Perfect for relaxing sore muscles and cleansing your energy, these salts combine the purifying properties of Sage with the grounding aroma of Cedarwood oil. Enjoy a soothing respite as dried flowers of Roses and Calendula create an ambiance of tranquility. Infused with a clear quartz crystal point, these salts magnify healing energy and meditation work. 

Embrace the wisdom of nature, evoke feelings of wellness, and become the Wytch of the Wood.

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Gift for myself!

My favorites all rolled up into one package!