PRESALE August Box- Mythological Mermaids

PRESALE August Box- Mythological Mermaids

Enchantment Box

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About the theme:

Throughout thousands of years cultures around the world have celebrated the mermaid. They first appeared in painted caves during the Stone Age, 30,000 years ago and are still a beloved icon of the sea. In this box we highlight some of the mythological mermaids: From Scottish & Scandinavian folklore, Selkies also know as "Seal Folk” capable of therianthropy, changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin;  In Greek Mythology, Sea Nymphs, gorgeous female deities of the sea known for their beauty, gentleness and everything good about the ocean, from its sparkling waves to its swift currents and bounty of fish & lastly, The Greek, Sirens which were believed to be a combination women, bird and fish also know as “Seirén” (the ones that tie or grab) mainly tempting sailors and enchanting them with the sweetness of their songs to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. This box will evoke the enchanting and unique representation of all three in this sea themed box, sure to be mer-mazing!

"Mermaid: A sea woman who chooses Imagination over Fear"

~ Unknown