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Plague Doctor Soap

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This gorgeous hand painted bar of vegan soap made exclusively for WytchWood is the perfect reminder to keep your hands clean. It smells of a warm glow of crackling woods blended with a hint of sweet raspberry and vanilla. This is a smokey, seductive large bar of soap!

History: Three centuries after the Black Death first struck in the 1340s is when the outfit was created. Doctors in the 17th and 18th centuries wore the outfit, including the iconic beak mask. Made of a canvas outer garment coated in wax, as well as waxed leather pants, gloves, boots and hat, the costume became downright scary from the neck up. A dark leather hood and mask were held onto the face with leather bands and gathered tightly at the neck so as to not let in any noxious, plague-causing miasmas that might poison the wearer. Eyeholes were cut into the leather and fitted with glass domes.

As if this head-to-toe shroud of foreboding wasn’t enough, from the front protruded a grotesque curved beak designed to hold the fragrant compounds believed to keep “plague air” at bay. Favorite scents included camphor, floral concoctions, mint, cloves, myrrh and basically anything that smelled nice and strong. In some French versions of the costume, compounds were actually set to smolder within the beak, in the hopes that the smoke would add an extra layer of protection. A wooden stick completed the look, which the plague doctor used to lift the clothing and bed sheets of infected patients to get a better look without actually making skin-to-skin contact. Reference click here.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Doak
Perfect gifts for the year of the Pandemic!

I purchased several of these as gifts for friends during the 2020 Yule (pandemic) Holiday season. It was the perfect reminder that we we’re going to make it through the hard times with love, care for one another and a little laughter!

Jacqueline Rivero
Love it!

Great detail! Gave it as a gift, unique and appropriate for the times.

Great item!

Great item!! Intoxicating scent and amazing design!!

Jennifer Pederson

The soap is well done and smells terrific! Cant wait to use it!


I love this soap!!! It's such a special soap I hated to use it!!! Smells amazing.😊