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Persephone Body Oil 2oz

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We have revamped our best-selling ritual oil for the goddess, Persephone, Queen of the underworld! It is still our nut-free & organic oil blend but we swapped out sunflower for pomegranate oil (hence the slightly higher cost) and mixed it with grapeseed to provide you great moisture and antioxidant benefits!

A blend of essential oils of rosemary, cedarwood, wild orange, and juniper berry make this intoxicating scent. Complete with carnelian crystal chips to mix up the gorgeous ruby red mica. It is earthy & comforting providing a sense of grounding. 

Other Uses: It is perfect for healing rituals as well as an anointing oil in the bath or candles. 

Limited Quantities!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I absolutely love this oil, it smells divine and makes me feel so sexy when I wear it!

Bonnie Tyson
So beautiful!

The color of this oil is so deep red and beautiful, I'm so in love with this one! When I wear it everyone smells it and is says I smell like magic.

Jesseca Cox
Absolutely Perfect

I’m close with Persephone and was excited to see this product. The smell is amazing. I love adding it to baths. Feels wonderful on the skin.

Fall for sure

This one is nice, kind of smells a bit like potpourri so it's a little strong for me personally. Still a good oil if fall type scents are your jam

Kimberly Howell
Persephone body oil

Talk about magic in a bottle. Smells amazing, color is gorgeous and leaves your skin so soft.

Sarah Tung
Just Fantastic

I love ALL their body oil scents, so I don’t mean this lightly, this scent is just the best. I feel like a fall goddess when I wear this. Maybe I’ll attract my very own lord of the underworld lol

In Love

This is my absolute favorite oil scent! It's the perfect blend of depth and self-love. The color is mesmerizing. This oil is definitely in honor of Persephone. I wasn't sure if it would get restocked so I would have the chance to get it. I'm sooooooo grateful it was. Get this oil before it sells out! <3

Beautiful Persephone

The color is gorgeous and reminds me of pomegranate juice. The scent is magickal ... it is earthy and sweet.