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Ostara Fig Oolong Ritual Tea

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Our Ostara Oolong, is a full whole leaf quality Taiwanese oolong that is the perfect base for the rich taste of Smyrna fig. The addition of cornflower petals adds rich blue color and natural sweetness, but also a light floral taste. This tea is perfect to celebrate the Spring Equinox and includes small flower sprinkles that represent new growth, fertility, rebirth, and regrowth! This blend is AMAZING ICED as well :)

A well-balanced and smooth 2oz Oolong  Ritual Tea; combined with

  • Natural Fig Flavor
  • Flower Sprinkles
  • Corn Flower Blossoms
  • Magick

Brewing Instructions: Boil water in your kettle or cauldron ;) Add tea leaves, one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. Pour hot water over leaves and steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove or strain the tea, a splash of milk, and enjoy!

Limited quantity available, stock may run out quickly.

Suitable for Vegans

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jazzmyn Bellah
Shine and bright Tea

I love the special blend tea like it’s a beautiful color when it brews it makes me happy too...🎈👌💕😜👋⭐️💫✅🧐

Nakita Williams
In a word: magical

This tea is so yummy! It is the perfect spring tea: light, floral and just lightly fruity. Perfect for ritual or just enjoying a cuppa ;)

Eileen Rose
Fantastic flavors

If Spring was a flavor, this tea would be it- a blossoming combination of flowery freshness and sweetness with the delicious earthiness of oolong. I enjoy it hot and cold.

Nancy Begley
Ostara Tea

This tea is lovely, a smooth blend and very tasty! I dropped one of my Maple Leaf Maple candies in it and it was delicious!

Teisa Gleason

Are you kidding me with this tea?? It’s a whole sensory experience in a bag. The smell is divine, the colors are amazing, and the taste is great enough to drink without a sweetener...or add some Freya syrup for the full fig frenzy.