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Limited Edition Hecate's Coven Box

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We present to you our first limited edition box based on one of our best-selling maple syrup flavors and the queen of all witches, Hecate.

Inside this box you will receive 6 items:

  • 4oz Hecate Candle 
  • Large Hellhound Soap
  • Bottle of our WytchWood Hecate Maple Syrup
  • Larvikite Crystal Keychain
  • 2 other items that have not been revealed

Value on the box is $66

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I was very happy to snag a box right before they sold out and I am one happy camper! It came at a perfect time because I have just started my journey with Hecate and this was just magical because I have been wanting trinkets and such for Hecate and in the box had what I needed! Thank You!

Love this box!!!

I'm so glad that I was able to get my hands on this delicious magical box!! Hoping Wytchwood will have another witchy box coming sometime soon!! 💜 🖤 🔮

Liz Lambert

Limited Edition Hecate's Coven Box

Timely and meaninful

This beautiful and we'll curated box was definately worth the price. I have been lighting the candle daily as part of my practice. The smell is lovely and not overwhelming. A huge plus for sensitive me. The two unknown items that came in the box per particularly meangful. I had yet to find a personal stropholos that I liked. The addition of the key was significant (nice key). A new stone as well with the keychain. I have not opened the soap or the syrup, but very much looking forward to them. The quality was high and fit well with my needs.

Hekate definatly wanted me to get this box!

hail hecate

I loved the Hecate coven box! It was so well curated and made the maple syrup even more magickal!

Greg Hernandez
Witch tested, Hecate approved

You can feel the love that went into making these products. The syrup is wonderful on pancakes or a few drops to sweeten tea, love that it has the a nice chocolate flavor but isn’t overly sweet. The soap is beautiful, very artistic and it smells awesome, and the candle is a perfect addition to my meditation routine. I can’t wait to explore all the other flavors Wytchwood has to offer.

jacklyn pendergrass
Coven box

I'm obsessed with everything in here. Its a great value. I already had the maple syrup so I knew how delicious that was. Ive been burning the candle here and there and for a small candle it really is lasting. My absolute favorite item has to be the key bottle opener. Its gorgeous, great quality. I might just keep it on my altar space and not even use it to open bottles. The soap scent is to die for. Definitely unisex. The crystal Keychain was beautiful. I actually removed the Keychain part and set it with my favorite crystals. I hope there is more boxes in the future. Maybe a persephone box with pomegranate syrup? 🤔 😋

Sarah Pikula
Love this!!!

the Hecate box was way more than i thought it would be. Amazing products and outstanding quality! Definitely will buy more goddess boxes in the future.

Shawna Lou
Hecate Box

Loved every item ! Was so surprised to recieve a crystal and Hecates Wheel mirror as well. Stoked on this purchase.

Fun Surprise

I loved the curation of this box. I loved the items and it was packaged very well.