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Brigid's Flame Shimmering Body Oil 2oz

Brigid is the Celtic goddess of healing, poetry, fertility, music, prophecy, agriculture, and smithcraft. As a solar deity, her attributes are light, inspiration, and all skills associated with fire. Her ancient Gaelic name, Breo-Saighead, means fiery power or fiery arrow. She is found with sheep and cows around her, assisting them through lambing and calving season as well as reflecting the Celtic reliance on the animal for sustenance; especially during the cold winter months. She is celebrated on the pagan holiday in early February, Imbolc.

Our best-selling nut-free, organic oil is comprised of grapeseed and sunflower to give you great moisture during the winter months. This blend is incredible and maybe our new favorite! It has earthy, grounding yet firey and sultry notes. We used dragon's blood, patchouli, lemon and sandalwood pure essential oils.

This is perfect for creativity, inspiration, fertility and healing rituals as well as an anointing oil.  Inside you will also find small citrine crystals to help stir up the magical orange shimmer of this sultury oil. Limited Quantities!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smells lovely!

I loooove this body oil and I'm so glad I was able to snag it before it sold out.

Cannot believe my nose!

I just cracked this oil open and applied some to my arms and good grief I can’t stop smelling them!!! Not only does this oil make my skin so soft, the scent is intoxicating. It’s warm, sexy and a little spicy. Not spicy like hot chili spicy but spicy as in warm spices from your kitchen mixed with wonderful aromatic incense. It will be perfect to apply before bed to enjoy as you fall sleep.