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Boline Moon Harvest Pin

Calling all Hedge and Green Witches, this is the pin for you! We often love using bolines for harvesting herbs, cutting twine and inscribing our ritual candles. Inspired by the boline shape of the crescent moon we created a complete sparkling full moon in silver + white glitter enamel with silhouettes of nettle, calendula, thistle and ferns. Depending on how you look at it, you will see all the various phases: full, waning and waxing. On the wooden handle it’s wrapped in a lavender twine with silver metal moon cycles.

Released on the Super Flower Moon of May, we hope the energy of this pin provides you successful harvesting of Spring time flowers, wild weeds and herbs. May all the seeds you plant during this time have a successful growth over the next few months. This moon is pregnant with energy and symbolizes the feminine divine. It’s a great time to perform your magickal workings for powerful spells and effective spell casting. Blessed Be!

  • Pre-Order- Shipping June
  • 2"
  • Hard Enamel
  • Silver Metal
  • Sparkling Silver + White Glitter
  • 2 Rubber backings