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Collection: Baba Yaga Wicked Witch Set (Syrup & Mug)

Embark on a mystical journey with our Baba Yaga Wicked Witch Collection, featuring the Baba Yaga 12oz Coffee Mug paired with our exclusive Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow Maple Syrup. This enchanting duo draws inspiration from the Slavic legend of Baba Yaga, offering a unique blend of folklore and flavor that's perfect for those who love to infuse a bit of sweet dark magick into their daily rituals.

Set Includes:

  1. Baba Yaga 12oz Coffee Mug:

    • Satin Black Finish with Rust-Colored Glaze: The mug boasts a satin black finish with a rustic, rust-colored glaze around the rim, echoing the earthy tones of the forest.
    • Chicken Leg House Medallion: A detailed illustration of Baba Yaga's iconic chicken leg house adorns the front, serving as a badge of honor for the adventurous soul.
    • Handcrafted Artistry: Each mug is skillfully handcrafted by our talented pottery artisans, making every piece a unique collector's item.

  2. Baba Yaga Gingerbread & Marshmallow Maple Syrup (12oz):

    • Decadent Flavor: A luxurious blend of rich gingerbread and sweet marshmallow infused into pure Vermont maple syrup, creating a flavor as enchanting as its namesake.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for drizzling over pancakes, waffles, or incorporating into your favorite savory dishes and cocktails for a magical twist.


  • Perfect Pairing: This set is designed to enhance your morning routine or add a touch of sorcery to your culinary creations, combining the rich, comforting flavors of our maple syrup with the artisanal charm of our coffee mug.
  • Gift of Enchantment: Ideal for gifting to those who cherish folklore, mythology, or the simple pleasure of a beautifully crafted mug and gourmet syrup.
  • Collector's Dream: Both the mug and the syrup bottle are collectible items that celebrate the legend of Baba Yaga, making this set a must-have for enthusiasts of mythology and artisanal crafts.

Manufacturer's Description:

Our Baba Yaga Enchantment Set is a tribute to the whimsical and mysterious. The pedestal mug, with its round belly and sturdy foot, is perfect for a 12oz pour of your favorite beverage, while the gingerbread and marshmallow maple syrup invites you into a world of flavor as captivating as the tales of Baba Yaga herself. Each piece in this set is a testament to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and the power of storytelling through flavor and design.

Embrace the Legend: Let the Baba Yaga Enchantment Set transport you to a world where magic is real, and every sip and bite tells a story. Whether you're starting your day with a bewitching brew or indulging in a sweet, folklore-inspired treat, this set is your gateway to an enchanted realm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Larson
Love the mug and syrup

Great combo purchase

Sandy Kimball
Breakfast never tasted so good

I received my Baba Yaga mug and Gingerbread & Marshmallow Infused Maple Syrup and Oh boy it is the best! The syrup is a perfect blend of flavors/sweetness and the mug is prefect for morning rituals like nomming waffles with the Gingerbread & Marshmallow Maple Syrup on it.