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Enchanted Farm Sanctuary

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Enchanted Farm Sanctuary Cow

Upon Checkout, you’ll have the option of adding a one-time donation alongside your purchase to our favorite charity Enchanted Farm Sanctuary run by the wonderful Robin Birdsong. You can find her Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/enchantedfarmsanctuary if you want to learn more about her amazing work and sign up for supporting her and her rescued animals. You can hear more about it in Robin’s own words below:-



Enchanted Farm Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing animals from abuse & neglect. We provide a loving forever home for the Enchanted Residents here on the farm while advocating for a compassionate lifestyle.

My name is Robin Birdsong. I’m the Founder of EFS. In 2007, my two-month-old son Danny passed away from SIDS. When he died, I died too. Mine was an internal, emotional death. I was an empty shell & what little remained of me spiralled out of control & I sunk into the darkest realms of grief & depression. I was suicidal & I had no desire to continue on without him. Until one day I decided to pull myself up off the floor & look for help. On that day, I googled two words that changed my life forever. Those two words were "bereaved mother." I was not expecting what I found.


I clicked on a link that took me to a video of a dairy farm. The bereaved mother in this video was a cow. A man was ripping her baby away from her as she tried desperately to stop him. She was wailing at the top of her lungs while her baby cried out for her. As the man slammed the gate behind him, she ran back & forth in a panic until finally collapsing in the mud & letting out a wail I will never forget. It was a sound that I knew all too well. It was the same agonizing scream that I let out after I too collapsed in the mud in my yard on the rainy day they carried my baby boy's body away.


The only difference between me & that mother cow is then humans added insult to injury by hooking her up to a painful machine & stealing her breastmilk to sell. It's monstrous & we do it to them by the billions! I went vegan on that day & vowed not only to never touch milk again but to also save as many animals from this torment as I can. That's why I founded Enchanted Farm Sanctuary.


I work every day for the bereaved mothers & murdered babies of the meat & dairy industry. My grief & depression have now grown into love & compassion. The truth is, the animals I’ve rescued have in turn rescued me. Sanctuary life is full of both overwhelming heartache & unbelievable joy.


I’m asking you to join me on this mission by becoming an “Enchanter” here on Patreon! Together we can protect the animals that already call EFS home & work to save many, many more! With your support, we will work magic for our animal friends! Please join our Enchanted Family!





Thank you for taking the time to read all about the amazing Enchanted Farm Sanctuary and thank you also if you took the time to donate. Every dollar goes a long way.

Miss Bramblemuddle with her Witches hat,

Samhain 2019