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COVID19 Update

June 18th 2020 UPDATE

We hope all of you and the ones you love are safe and isolated at this time. It is heartwarming to see the world come together and unite against a common microscopic enemy.

We advocate a healthy diet, taking vitamins & supplements, frequent hand washing and distancing yourself socially at this time. Please stay home amongst your own household to assist limiting the spread of COVID19 and we can all return to life as usual shortly. If you need to go out, wear a mask.

Currently all apparel shipping is taking 4-6 weeks in the US and 1 week in Europe. Our manufacturer is experiencing issues due to Covid. Please bare this in mind when placing your order. Any specific garments that are taking too long to ship have been removed from the site, usually a color version that is not in huge demand.

Our pins and Maple Syrup are shipping normally from Vermont.

For those of you that have lost friends and family members to this horrific pandemic, we will keep you in our prayers and send you our blessings.

Please stay safe and stay home, care for yourself, the ones you love and the world, always.

Blessed Be,

Christina & Ben