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Animal Spirit Totem Enamel Pin - Hart (Deer)

We created our first animal rune spirit pin of our series: The Hart also known as a Stag or Deer. Each animal in this series will feature a unique bind rune drawn by our co-owner Ben, that harnesses the key characteristics of the animals energy. A bind rune is a combination of two or more runes that are placed together to increase magickal powers to obtain a wished effect.

The Hart
“The male deer is related to the mystic currents of the Yggdrasil (Cosmic Scandinavian Tree). Apparently, for the shamans, the deer, or specifically, its antlers, symbolise access to the nine worlds (that is, to the nine different levels of shamanic wisdom). The shamans used to decorate themselves with antlers of deer, when they reached the maximum level of wisdom ”      –  Forn Sidr-
This Hart features 9 tree branch antlers to resemble the 9 worlds in Norse mythology.
Featured Runes:
Algiz: Means Elk, Protection, Connection with the Spirit World
Teiwaz: Warrior, Courage, Loyalty
Eihwaz: Transformation, Rebirth, New Life 
May you wear this sacred symbol and may it enhance your inner wisdom and magick. 
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  • 2.5" 
  • Hard Enamel
  • Color Variants:
  1. White Hart: Multi-Color with Glitter w/ Rose Gold Metal
  2. Green Hart: Green with Gold Metal
  3. Black Hart: Black + Glitter with Silver Metal
  • 2 Rubber backings


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