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Animal Spirit Totem Enamel Pin - Bear

Our second animal rune spirit pin of the WytchWood Fylgja Collection concentrates on the Brown Bear. They are found in the most northern reaches of the northern hemisphere, places such as Scandinavia, Russia, British Colombia & Alaska.

For the Warriors and Seers of the Proto Norse and Viking Ages, the bear represented a fearsome creature. Warrior Shaman, known as Bersekers, would jump into battle with nothing more than a bear hide covering their head and shoulders, creating great amounts of fear in their enemies. The word Berserker comes from the Old Norse: ‘Bjorn’ (pron: bearn) meaning Bear and ‘Serkr’ meaning Shirt. They would work under a trance, truly courageous and fearless. They would shape-shift their spirit into that of the Bear when engaging their enemy. They fought like bears, giving rise to the modern day term “To go berserk!”. They would worship one of the Aesir Gods: Odin, Thor or Tyr. They had counterpart tribes – the Ulfhednar who worshipped only Odin and wore wolf coats; and the Svinflylking who worshipped only Freyja and wore Boar hides.

Although history remembers them as savage heathens, if they could write their own story, they would tell you that they ate hallucinogenic mushrooms before they went into battle. Outside of battle, they were family men, farmers, fur traders and merchants. They were gentle towards their children and community. They had their own law and justice system, were honest and had a code, but most is lost to history. But we can surmise that they were warrior mystics, possibly practising Galdr, believed in the runic prophecies of the Volva and Seidrkona, and possibly practiced Seidr Magic in private away from the other men.

The bear totem is masculine and represents the masculine side of man and woman alike. Wear it for protection, to be fierce, to be resolute in overwhelming adversity and lastly, to be gentle to those you love and share a bond with.

Invoke your Bear Fylgja!

Each animal in this series will feature a unique bind rune drawn by our co-owner Ben, that harnesses the key characteristics of the animal’s energy. A bind rune is a combination runes that are placed together to increase magickal powers to obtain a wished effect.

Purpose of Featured Runes:

Tiwaz: Means Bear, the God Tyr, Warrior, Courage, Loyalty

Thurisaz: The God Thor, Thorn, Defensive Powers, Aggressive Animals, Plant: Thor's Beard

Uruz: Indomitable Strength, Imposing Size, Trance Like Meditation

May you wear this sacred symbol and may it give you the strength to conquer fears, situations and oppression; by giving you the heart to fight back with ferocity!



  • Multi-Color + Green IN STOCK. Black- Delayed until July.
  • 2.25" 
  • Hard Enamel
  • 2 Rubber backings
  • Color Variants:
  1. White Bear: Multi-Color with Glitter w/ Rose Gold Metal
  2. Green Bear: Green with Gold Metal
  3. Black Bear: Black + Glitter with Silver Metal



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