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Summer Solstice Celebration Limited Edition Box

Our coveted best-selling boxes are back, and this time for Summer Solstice!
Inside you will find 9 magically curated items to have your own celebration from the comfort of your home or share with others!
Peek Inside:

  • Bottle of WytchWood Syrup: Released early for this box, our Frigg, Strawberry maple syrup! The true taste of summer and goes great on waffles, mix it with milk of your choice, smoothies, cocktails, lemonade, balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and more... Valued: $22
  • Summer Solstice Tea: Our custom-blended tea is a succulent blend of black & green teas made with tropical fruit: papaya, pineapple as well as sunflower petals, and strawberries. Perfect for preparing to enjoy as part of your ritual for solstice. Great hot, even better iced! Sweeten it with your Frigg syrup! Value: $15
  • Litha Ritual Candle: This magickal yellow candle represents the solstice goddess, Litha. It's scented with juicy clementine and soft musk that complement the white florals, angel's trumpet, neroli, and waterlily. Topped with calendula flowers and a sunstone rune crystal. Sunstone is good for combining its connection from the heart to the sun. From deep emotional healing to boosting happiness and joy. Light with intent. Value: $12
  • Litha Incense: We have blended together resins of pine, dragons blood, copal with jasmine flowers, chamomile, roses, calendula, mugwort, palo santo, and essential oils of gardenia, lilac, and honeysuckle. Let me tell you, a lot of love went into this and was carefully mixed under the new moon energy! Valued $10
  • Summer Solstice Shimmering Oil: This is our best-selling formula made with a base of organic sunflower and grapeseed oil blended with mood-elevating essential oils of bergamot and clementine, golden mica, and tigers eye crystals. Great for moisturizing the body, adding drops in a bath, or use on a ritual candle. Value: $21
  • Pineapple Brightening Jelly Mask: Summer is here! Your skin may be in need of some cooling relief! Use this mask 3-5 times a week for smooth, supple, and brighter skin! Made with ingredients like pineapple, coconut water, and sweet cherry extract. Value: $8
  • Summer Solstice Celebration Soap: Wash with the delicate and delicious scents summer of apricot, peach, and vanilla. Hand-painted with shimmering gold mica with a glowing sun to represent the longest day of the year. Value: $10

About the Celebration:
Midsummer, the longest day of the year when the sun (sol) appears to stand still (stice) in the sky! It is a time when the trees are full of leaves, the bees are buzzing and hard at work, flowers are in bloom, and animals are nursing and raising their young, a time full of life, abundance, and growth! It’s time to celebrate, light the bonfire, tap into your divine masculine energy and enjoy rituals, feasting, dancing around the maypole, games, making flower crowns, and merriment for a fire fuelled Summer Solstice festival! 

Litha is one of three spirit nights of the year alongside Beltane and Samhain and should be enjoyed vibrantly and with as much passion as you can muster! Love is also in the air around this time, so keep your eyes peeled for someone admiring you! The weather is hot and so is the blood, passions run riot and desires are racing. It’s a time of abundance and plenty, and you should enjoy good food, good drink, good company, and good times. Go forth and manifest your happiness!
Our special Summer Solstice Box is designed to get you started!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sarah Seaver
Love this box!!

I loved everything about this box including how quickly I got it! The body oil was scented perfectly and is now my favorite so far. It's citrus smell is the first thing I picked up then a tiny hint of musk/ vanilla almost.
I haven't tried the strawberry maple syrup yet but the first thing I'm doing tomorrow is making up a batch of lemonade and trying out the strawberry flavor in it. Can't wait!!

Smells So Nice

Everything in this box smells amazing, especially the candle!

Great box!

Everything in this box was beautifully packaged. Great unique items. You can see the quality and intention behind the items. Very happy! Love this company!

Molly Jensen
Another Amazing Collection!

The shimmer and shine in the box felt like opening the sunshine in my dreary, wet, cold, and rainy Pacific Northwest home. This summer solstice will be bright no matter what the weather... and rumor has it there will be sunshine here in Seattle! YAY!

Joslyn Hersey-Gorman

As always everything exceeded my expectations!
Thank you for everything thing you do!!

Awesome Box

There were so many great items in this box. I loved all of the items and the packaging was so cute.

Summer Solstice Box

I received this box of joy yesterday. There isn't anything I don't love about this box. Tried the oil and soap today, everything just smells wonderful.

Summer Solstice Box

Received my box yesterday and I am completely enchanted. I love everything in it and can not wait to use it all. Every item is truly magical. Love the 2 surprise items. Everything I have purchased was fantasic. Thank you Wytchwood!