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Norse Magick Set: Freya & Odin and/or Loki

We have combined Viking magickal forces to send your taste buds to Valhalla!

You will get one bottle of our best-selling, Freya: Fig & Vanilla + Odin: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Vermont Maple Syrups.

You save $4.00 with Odin and Freya

You save $6.00 with Loki, Odin and Freya

Bottles are 250ml

Want to buy them separately? You can find Freya, here & Odin, here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great product and great packaging

We received a nice looking package. When we opened it for my fiancé’s birthday he loved the product. I got the trio of syrups and he loved the bourbon one. Great packaging. I felt great giving him something he loved.

Perfect Gift for (self &) others!

So my Dad & brother are total spice junkies, as in the hotter the pepper the better. Dad has even grown Ghost Peppers at home himself and eats them raw. So when I saw Loki, I was like yasssss, this is perfect. But of course I had to get myself something because that's how this works, right? I wanted Freya and well, Odin sounded yummy too, and I knew my boyfriend and also my Housemate would both enjoy it, as they bouth are bourbon & whiskey lovers. This trio was the perfect match for all of us. Super excited to hear back from Dad & my brother once they bust it open, but they are thrilled to try it. Boyfriend and I tried Odin (literally went and bought waffle fixings on purpose) and both were super delighted by the taste. Still have Freya yet to try!

Wonderland of Flavour & Bliss

I feel like I walked the deep woods and stumbled upon a storybook shop of enchanting epicurean delights!!! As if maple syrup isn’t a treasure in its own right, here they are charmingly enhanced with infusions of violets, cranberries, chocolate and so many other fantastical mouthwatering fruits and herbs, as well as those aged in oak bourbon and rum barrels.
It has been a great pleasure discovering the nuanced flavors and gifting these beautiful wax sealed bottles of pure delicious delight!!!
There’s magick all around ♥️

best thing ever

I bought two syrup one is freya I put in my coffee it so yummy I love it it does have flower taste to it I love and I have Odin haven’t tried that one yet but I love it will be ordering again

Never fails to amaze!

I got all 3, and they are all so good! The Loki is more mango forward, so it's still sweet, with some heat. They Freya is delicious as well, but Odin was my favorite of the three.


Absolutely loved the taste! Can’t wait to purchase more!

Wickedly Tasty!

For anyone wondering whether this is terrific syrup, set aside any doubt. We use syrup not just on flapjacks, but in sauces, coffee and tea, and most recently, I added Freya Syrup to the sauce for a Fig and Bourbon Cream Cake. Truly, the maple and fig added another layer of depth - Phenomenal!

Poured Odin Syrup over ice cream and coffee at 2:30 this morning..yes, I did. Ohhhh, that is a rich treat. The bourbon barrel aging really shines in through in this offering.

Looks like another set (or three) is going in the cart ASAP. Great work, Wytchwood!

All the best,

Wendy Becher

Yes and No

I ordered this set primarily because it was unique and supports the makers. I'm not a creative eater but I tried them both. The Freya was not what I expected but it wasn't nasty. The fig is more pronounced than the vanilla and I likely would've preferred the other way around. Wife and kids thought it tasted good though which means it'll disappear. The ODIN however caught me by surprise. I understood the bourbon barrel aged description but I was blown away by just how well done it presented itself. ODIN was a resounding tasting success and I fully intend to purchase more of it.

Perfect Set

I bought this as a gift for my BF. I already knew he loved Freya cause I had a bottle and he was saying how he wanted to try the Odin.

He loves having his own Freya. and that it is infused with a vanilla bean and said Odin was amazing and has a great Bourbon taste.