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Chalice Well Ritual Water- Glastonbury UK Collected Winter Solstice

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This very special bottle of Chalice Well water comes from Glastonbury, UK, the Isle of Avalon. It was collected on Winter Solstice during the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The bottle measures 3" high. It contains small quartz crystals and a small heart charm inside the cork. It is wax sealed with the Celtic Trinity knot and comes with a small two-sided card with the following information: 

The Chalice Well is known as the red spring due to its high iron content. It is viewed as the blood of the Mother Goddess, Gaia. It is sited in the Vale of the Avalon upon two strong leylines known as Michael and Mary. These cross paths at the region with routes to Glastonbury Abbey, the Tor, Avebury Stone Circle, and Norfolk. Many claim it holds healing properties and invokes the divine feminine. It is also said to be the site of the Holy Grail in the story of King Arthur.

IMPORTANT:These vials have been sealed with sealant and wax. This water is not safe for consumption. Each vial may have some black sediment, this is naturally occurring from the iron in the Chalice Well water. Some may also have some small pieces of cork, this naturally happens during shipment. 

Customer Reviews

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Cortney Mauer
Xmas gift

I made these purchases for xmas gifts and they arrived graciously packaged. You can tell the time and passion that was put into the products.


Gorgeous and very meaningful addition to my altar. Very happy.

Howard Fisher
A Wonderful Addition to my altar

Very pleased with my purchase and as mentioned in the title it now resides on my altar blessing everything and everyone.

Diane Papp

The presentation was prefect. It is a great idea There are some of us that don’t fly and would love to have the water. Thank you !
Blessed be

Wonderful item!

I love this item! It sits next to a very important protection spell jar that was made for me. There is a true spiritual connection with this item. I love it!!

Lillian Arroyo
So magical

So excited upon receiving this magical blessed water . The bottle is the perfect size for water magic
Thank you so much , great job

Jessica M

I’m so, SO happy I got this water for my friend and 8! It’s beautifully packaged and it’s energy is fantastic.

Great vibes! Cute!

I love this! Helps my positive vibes and is super cute!

Pam McCammon
New Alter Addition

My bottle of well water made it to my house safely. The bottle was very well packaged. I have put it on my alter with my stones next to my bed.