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Wytchwood Apothecary Selene 2oz Organic Herbal Relaxation Tea


Introducing our fourth custom tea blend for our WytchWood Apothecary, our relaxation, Selene tea.

To create this blend, we have blended with the very finest organic, caffeine-free  chamomile with pure Lavender flowers. Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon, and this blend will help lull you into a relaxing slumber.

Both chamomile and lavender are known for their use as sleep aids and in the relief and treatment of anxiety, stress and digestion. Our well-balanced blend utalizes these active properties for a delicious and functional infusion which is an excellent "sleepy-time" tea.

When brewed this organic, caffeine-free infusion is light, smooth and fragrant with a floral taste and very slight sweetness on the finish.

Place one teaspoon per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for 4 minutes. May be enjoyed with our maple syrup to taste. We love using our Circe blend for this!

Customer Reviews

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You Will Sleep

It's a nice blend that really does the trick to relax and get some good night rest. Highly recommend for those that need some extra help.

Kelly Jacobs

Wytchwood Apothecary Selene 2oz Organic Herbal Tea

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Sarah Troiano
Highly Recommend This Tea!

Truly one of the few teas that helps my insomnia & anxiety. I am truly grateful for this tea blend & I highly recommend it as a herbal tea to have to relax or wind down for the evening. The taste & smell of this tea is delectable.

Alanna Dangremond
Love this tea!

This tea is a nice calming tea. Smells and tastes delicious.

Taylar Johnston

Very lovely flavor - the lavender is more overt than the chamomile but doesn't overpower it, giving the tea a wonderfully floral taste. A good drink to relax with after a long day at work.

Tori Walker
Best sleepy time tea

I drink this before bed and honestly I sleep deeper and don’t wake up a
Dozen times. Highly recommend

Great gift item!

I got this as a gift! They love it! Thanks