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Wytch of the Wood 16 oz Botanically Infused Soaking Salts- Cedar & Sage

Our Wytch of the Wood botanical infused soaking salts create a ritual bath to help aid any Witch in relaxing sore muscles and to promote a personal sanctuary of relaxation. We've used only the cleanest of ingredients, that combine plants and minerals to provide your skin a soothing respite.

Essential Oil Benefits:

We know Sage as an offering herb for when we are cleansing our sacred space, thus making it perfect to use in a detoxifying bath. Sage has been used for centuries to aid with spasms, muscular and joint pain; as well as eliminating toxins in the body. Perfect to use for moon ceremonies & ridding yourself of unwanted energies.

The warm, woody scent of Cedar offers numerous benefits, as it produces a grounding aroma that promotes feelings of vitality and wellness. It is also a medicine of protection, as Cedar trees are incredibly wise and have powerful spirits. Much like Sage, Cedar is often used to cleanse a space. Because it is a grounding oil it is also thought to promote emotional balance.

This herbaceous aroma of both Cedarwood Oil + Sage will provide any Witch a grounding experience to evoke feelings of wellness.

Product Information:

  • One Pound Bag
  • Vegan
  • Contains only natural and organic ingredients. No synthetic fragrances or perfumes
  • Dried flowers of Roses and Calendula
  • Sage Bundle not included. 

 Instructions for Use:

  • Start to fill bathtub with hot/warm water
  • Place your bath salts in a muslin bag for easier clean-up or scatter the desired amount in the bath.
  • Set up your bathtub for a relaxing space as you allow the salts to be dissolved before entering. This mean including be your favorite drink, candles, journal, or a book.
  • Relax in the tub as you are now the Wytch of the Wood.

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