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WytchWood Traditional Vermont Maple Syrup



Traditional 'Grade A' Amber Rich Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

We're pleased to introduce you to our Traditional Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, derived in nature, inspired by Witchcraft. 

Our bottle of traditional reserve syrup is tapped at the height of the season to create the most flavorful and well balanced rich taste and an amber color grade. Classification is 'Grade A' Amber, which means it is of an amber color with a full bodied rich flavor. 

Every succulent bottle of WytchWood tree blood is infused simply with Pagan love.

Aside from the usual uses of Maple Syrup, you can use this bottle in ritual work to lend the energy of our 8,000 maple trees on quartz charged earth to your incantations, charms and spells. Some of the quartz weighs up to a ton and trees have been seen to have their roots wrap around the sacred stones. Each bottle is charged with positive vibrational energy and laced with intentions of good will. For this reason, this particular libation cannot be used to Jinx, Curse or Hex, but it can be used in a protection spell.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

This is a fantastic syrup

Jo Anna
Love it!!

This traditional maple syrup is AMAZING!! I'm so glad I got this in addition to the Hecate syrup. YUM!

Deirdre Staunton
Great taste but bottle was tough to open

As I said in the title, the syrup itself was delicious BUT the bottle cap was sealed shut with some kind of wax. I had to really cut it and pull at it to get it off. Again, good tasting though.

Barbara D
Excellent Flavor

Typically I’m not a fan of maple syrup, but the flavor is light, not overwhelming or icky sweet. Guess I’d say it’s perfect. Always appreciate the care Wytchwood takes in their packaging.

Victoria Nikrin
Maple syrup

I bought this to try and I'm glad I did, I love this syrup!! I am patiently waiting for Freyja syrup to come back in stocks so I can order that one. I will most definitely be ordering more syrups from your business, you folks are awesome!!!


Best Maple syrup I have ever had!!!

Shannon Lawson
too awesome to open

I love the bottle and the logo. We are not opening it.

Karen K
Love the syrup and customer service

Syrup is lovely. My interaction with customer service was swift and easy. Good company

Margaret M
Simple Pure Maple Flavor

I enjoy all the flavor infused maple syrups but sometimes just good old fashioned maple syrup in its original form is the best. Wonderful, complex maple flavor and delightful sweetness. Who said you couldn't bottle perfection? This maple syrup is it!


I have been waiting for this one to return. Love the flavors but nothing beats tradition. A sweet maple syrup that you wish would never end!