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Krampus: Hickory Smoke & Orange Maple Syrup

Syrup as dark as your soul!

We introduce to you our Hickory Smoke Orange flavor as the Half-Goat & Half Demon punisher of naughty and misbehaving children - Krampus!

Krampus is the dark companion of Santa, the traditional European winter gift-bringer who rewards good children each year on the Solstice. Kindly old St Nic leaves the task of punishing bad children to a hell-bound counterpart - the horned devil Krampus! 

He has many names across the continent — Knecht Ruprecht, Certa, Perchten, Black Peter, Schmutzli, Pelznickel, Klaubauf, and naturally his main alias, Krampus. Usually seen as a classic devil with horns, cloven hooves and monstrous tongue, but can also be spotted as a sinister gentleman dressed in black, or a hairy man-beast. Krampus punishes the naughty children, swatting them with switches and rusty chains before dragging them away in baskets to a fiery place below.

Krampusnacht (Night of Krampus) is celebrated on Krampusnacht, which takes place on December 5th. In Austria, Northern Italy and other parts of Europe, party-goers masquerade as devils, wild-men, and witches to participate in Krampuslauf (Krampus Run). Intoxicated and bearing torches, costumed devils caper and carouse through the streets terrifying child and adult alike. Krampusnacht is increasingly being celebrated in other parts of Europe such as Finland and France, as well as in many American cities and has real Halloween feel to it.

For Rituals, Rites and Spell work, 

The main reason for working with Krampus is not to cause others harm but to get them to behave! The intent is to get some order, peace and quiet. It would mainly be for children but if adults are acting like children, it can work on them also. Make sure you are clear in your intentions and be clear what the outcome is to be. Use some WytchWood syrup as a libation, pour a decent amount in a bowl or small cauldron and then add birch sticks to it and let it soak. Upon declaring your intentions and working your magick, the birch sticks should be buried in the earth as a return to nature and the spirits of the land. You may also carve runes, glyphs and spells into the birch sticks and can set fire to them in a controlled environment but again, outside in nature. Make sure that you cleanse your sacred space first and if using candles, make sure they are black and white. You can also purchase our Krampus oil and anoint yourself. One thing we would add, whatever you offer Krampus, double it - he always wants more!

So if you need some order in your household or want to quiet down some bothersome people that are persistently troublesome, it’s recommended to read more about Krampus to work with him, he is half demon after all!

For the Kitchen Witch,

This 8.45oz bottle of dark Vermont Maple Syrup blended with hickory smoke, organic orange peel, and colored with natural organic grape is perfect gift for the naughty ones on your Yule list. This blend is considered more savory, smoky and fruity and is designed to use a glaze over food like roasted veggies, but it would also be great in a drink elixir.


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    Krampus: Hickory Smoke & Orange Maple Syrup
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