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Seekers and Students of the Craft and interested folk,

Merry Meet!


This site is the virtual home of Wytchwood. The physical home is Dragondale, a parcel of land with two Redwood groves and a small cottage in the Santa Cruz mountains.


Here you will find descriptions and information about courses, workshops and intensives offered by Wytchwood School.

River Fern © J’te Argent

Dragondale Maypole 2003 ©J’té Argent

Dragondale Maypole 2003

The site for most of the Courses offered at Dragondale in the Spring, Summer and Fall take place outside in the Redwood Groves, weather permitting. During the winter courses take place in the Temple room at Dragondale in Boulder Creek, CA.


There are informative pages about Witchcraft and Feri within and a group of pages dedicated to Alison Harlow.


Here you will also find a shoppe featuring magickal art prints and cards, handmade gifts, tools, and Café Press items with J’té’s artwork.


This site is dedicated to the Lady and Lord of the Wyldwood and to Alison Harlow, my beloved and much-missed teacher, mentor and best friend.


blessings silly and somber,

J’té Argent



Wytchwood • J’té Argent • PO Box 41 • Boulder Creek, CA • 95006

Vanthi Poppies (C) J'te Argent

Copyright (C) 2007 Wytchwood property of J’té Argent. All rights reserved.

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